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Steven Lolli was the only white jewish comedian in the black comedy clubs of south central LA for nearly a decade with Katt Williams describing him as "The Urban Jew".

Lolli worked as a writer for Williams (2007-09) and comedy legend Eddie Pepitone as well as co-creating "Comedians w/out cars getting Soda" w/ Pepitone and co-hosting PepTaks podcast w/ Eddie (2018-20) for Bill Burr's ATC Studios. He appeared onstage with Howie Mandel and Arsenio Hall at 2024's Netflix is a Joke Fest and has a starring role in Resonance Productions' dark comedy "Last Chance" due for release in 2024.


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"Steven Lolli is a fearless comic who has a great take on the modern mess we live in. It's rare these days for a comedian like him to exist"

-Comedian Eddie Pepitone

"The keen eye of Lenny Bruce with Charles Bukowski's raunchy appetite"

-Critic/ Author Mark London Williams

"One of the few white comedians who specialize in working black comedy rooms,  ripping black stages from coast to coast"

-Comedian Rodney Perry
The White Side of Black Comedy

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